Who we are

Violaine Pluchet

Violaine Pluchet de Rochegonde
(Section PORT)

Head of Check-in to France

The team of Lycée International parent volunteers.

Not forgetting the volunteers from the National Sections
who have been responsible for updating the 'Welcome Guide',
the website and helping out at the 2-day program in September and in January.

Marisa Tizzano
(Section IT)

Suzanne Louveau
(Section ALL)

Bénédicte Hourmand
(Section US)

Michelle Erny
(Section US)

Maya Kuznetsova
(Section RUSSE)

Gro-René Nebel
(Section NOR)

Elena Mazzariol
(Section IT)

Anne Ricard
(Section BRIT)

Muriel Lebbar
(Section US)

Armelle Fournier
(Section PORT)

Xiaoli Wu
(Section ALL)

Florence Peyronneau
(Section US)

Akiko Aoyagi Ouvrieu
(Section JAP)