New to france ?
De retour en France ?

Welcome, bienvenue, bienvenido, benvenuto, willkommen, velkommen, valkommen, witaj, welkom, bem-vindo...
To all new parents, all sections !

2 days seminars with different themes, very interesting for new parents.
Do you need help:
- understanding the school system and french culture?
- to ease your daily life?
Did you miss last year's program? Joins us this year...

REGISTER, It's free !
Join us for the two days of seminar, on the 11th and 18th, because the program is different every day.
Register: Tuesday 11th of September
Register: Tuesday 18th of September

Buffet lunch available on campus 15€

Welcome Programm

"Welcome seminar" to be held in L'AMPHITHEATRE DU CHATEAU

Flyer 2018 (click here)
PROGRAMME (click here)


Only for Lycée International
and Partner school parents.

- Presentation of the Lycée International
- French educational system
- French language acquisition
- Roundtables in different languages/ Le Choc du retour (in French)

- Healthcare in France
- Cultural differences
- Challenges
- Impact of expatriation on family life
- Tourism
- Cultural activities
- Activities for kids

- Presentation of the LI (.pdf)
- French language acquisition (.pdf)
- Accueil International St Ger (.pdf)
- Healthcare (.pdf)
- Cultural differences (.pdf)
- Tourism (.pdf)
- Impact on family life (.pdf)
- Your couple (.pdf)
- Activities for kids (.pdf)

Café / Coffee 2018

Café 2018
(en français)

- Lundis 8 octobre
- Lundi 12 novembre
- Lundi 10 décembre
Rejoignez-nous pour un café et faisons ensemble le point sur votre retour en France.
Des membres de l'équipe de Check in to France seront présents pour répondre à vos questions et vous conseiller.

cafe choc - coffee morning

Pour les parents du Lycée international et des écoles partenaires.
Open to parents of the Lycée international and partner schools.

Coffee Mornings 2018
(in English)

- Monday 8th october
- Monday 12th november
- Monday 10th décember
Join us for coffee and check in with us on how your adaptation to France is progressing.
Check in to France team members will be on hand to answer questions and offer advice.

Who we are

The team of Lycée International parent volunteers.

Who we are



Survival Guide

Now available for 10€

This is THE reference for all your practical questions when you arrive in the Saint Germain-en-Laye area:
Your first steps to take in France, Medical help, Daily life, Education system, etc.
Includes KEY directories (not on line) of healthcare specialists, hospitals, shops, embassies and a glossary of common French foods...

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Lycee International - Apeli

Association des Parents d'Elèves du Lycée International


School Supplies Help

Check out our French School Supplies photo gallery to help you figure out what's what on your child's school supply list.

Photo gallery

Check in to Frane - Materiel scolaire - School Supplies


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